Wednesday, 2 November 2011

lost on the internet #1

This is why I detest trendy tumblr. That swamp of incredible (and not so) images, so rarely credited to their correct incredible sources, pasted up by/for 14 year old girls to define themselves by. Can anyone identify these?

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  1. -The first one is about Luis Alvarez and the spark chamber, drawn/written by Athelstan Spillhaus.
    -The second is by Gavin Potenza:
    -Third is "Real-World" by Cahill-Keyes.
    -The fourth is a Japanese postcard, I couldn't find the artist.
    -The sixth is from Bob Black's pamphlet The Abolition of Work

    I couldn't find anything on the fifth or seventh. I know how annoying it is not being able to source things so I hope I helped.