Thursday, 15 September 2011


My gag reflex for street art is normally pretty aggressive. I don't understand why it's so trendy; when I worked at Tate we had stacks and stacks of Wall and Piece that flew into the arms of Spanish tourists and try hard Mums by the skipful. And last Christmas was the third or 4th in a row that I or my sister was given a Banksy book by a family member (definitely adopted).

I do however like the Rabotniki series from Grobgrafik collective. I noticed a couple somewhere near Köpenicker str., before I stumbling upon them on the internet. They've flung up their tasty collages in New York, Istanbul, Bangalore and Mumbai too. They're beautiful in the flesh (so to speak).

Susann Poenisch

Another Mehr Seibdruck member, with a blog. I really wanted one of her lion prints but I think the edition is possibly all sold.

Damien Tran

first seen at Druckfest in Berlin. website here. part of Mehr Seibdruck collective