Wednesday, 5 August 2009


This is not a fashion blog but I do love a snappy dresser, and I don't like the notion that with age must come viscose and getting dressed in the dark. A friend of mine calls these glamorous elder ladies "Maudes" after Ruth Gordon's character in the wonderful Hal Ashby film. I really like drawing lots of the ladies on here too.

Saturday, 1 August 2009

Meg Hunt

Hunt's charming drawing made in response to Maurice Sendak's WTWTA for a project by Cory Godbey. Really like some of her personal work too.

Abner Graboff

Another great new blog to waste hours on. Just stumbled over Abner Graboff.

Face of Britain

This is Sally Anne (possibly). She went to Riverside School, Thamesmead '76 to '78 and was photographed by George Plemper, then a teacher at the school. Find further striking, beautifully captured portraits here on his flickr account.

Mikhail Maiofis

More Russia with love. He reminds me of Quentin Blake a little.


What an excellent choice of letter for San Francisco artist Justin Quinn to work exclusively with.

Oleg Mitasov

This was apparently the home of Oleg Mitasov who was born in the mid 20 century and lived and died (1999) in Kharkov, Ukraine. Found via my new favourite site,


i don't know who took these because i don't read russian. someone called ghostfish.
they are incredible images.